January 24, 2011

Dear Jason,

It has been three weeks since the completion of our bathroom remodel and we wanted to write this letter to let you at Ink installations know how very pleased we are with the finished product. You really way understated what professional work your employees provide (including the plumber and the “mud” man).
Jerry and Joe worked so very well in sync with one another. We almost didn’t realize they were here. Since we only have one bathroom they were able to prove at least a toilet for us to use within about 1-1/2 days which was wonderful. We knew our bathroom would be better then it was but we were amazed at how truly great the final product turned out. We documented everything at the end of each day to watch the progress and we were very, very pleased with the excellent quality of materials used as well as the care Jerry and Joe took working on the project down to the smallest details, not to mention the clean up at the end of every day. They also answered any and all questions we had without any hesitation and with much information (which we appreciated). It made us feel that they would have as good a job on their own bathrooms.
If you ever get a request from one of your future customers to speak about customer satisfaction, please feel free to give our phone number out.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and Happy New Year!

Ed and Barb Galiszewski

P.S. We still go in a couple of time a day to turn on the light and admire your work! So beautiful!