After Storm Solutions For Home & Business Owners

in Pittsburgh & Washington

A storm can hit without warning, leaving residents & business owners in need of Pittsburgh roofing contractors. Unfortunately, a storm doesn’t even have to hit an exact area to cause damage there. The amount of wind that a hail storm creates is enough to cause roof damage for miles. The good news is that at Inks Installations, we are committed to helping you clean up the mess after the storm. Our fully licensed & insured contractors are waiting to take your call to ensure that your property, family, or employees do not have to deal with the effects of a damaged roof.
  • Hail Storm Roof Repair
  • Wind Storm Roof Repair
  • Rain Storm Roof Repair
  • Ice Damming Roof, Soffit, Fascia & Gutter Repair

Minor & Major Roof Repairs

In many cases, damage from the wind or a storm that is done to your roof is easy to fix with some minor repairs. Some cases may require more extensive repairs, and there are other situations in which an entire roof replacement would be needed.  At Inks, we offer free inspections & a price quote to local residential or commercial customers. We understand that storms are often unexpected & we will do all that we can to help you. When your home suffers damage after a storm, count on us for roof repairs, roof replacement & siding repair. Whether the wind is still blowing and you need a temporary fix, or the storm has completely passed & the leaking just won’t stop, our roofers have the experience you need for a job well done.